PM Jan Arogya Abhiyan – All About Worlds Largest Health Care Scheme

PM Jan Arogya Abhiyan Government of India recently launched  Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyan. Earlier Ayushman Bharat– National Health Protection Scheme  which is renamed to Prime Minister Jan Arogya Abhiyan. Launched from the state of Jharkhand, the ambitious scheme of the central government was announced from red fort during Independence Day speech.   Features –> … Read more

Latest Current Events and Important News for UPSC Prelim Oriented

latest current events

Latest Current Events of September Month (Prelim Focus)   Government of Telangana recently lanched farmer centric scheme called as Rythu Bandhu scheme. It aims to lift farmers from their financial plight and helping them to not fall in debt trap again. This scheme  will help farmers in following ways: To increase agricultural productivity which in … Read more

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and Judicial Activism | What is Litigation

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Public Interest Litigation (PIL) – Its objective is to provide justice to the people who somehow couldn’t get it by themselves. Litigation meaning – As defined in businessdictionary, it is Legal method for settling controversies or disputes between and among persons, organizations, and the State. Public Interest Litigation is defined as litigation involved … Read more

About Supreme Court of India Important from UPSC polity Mains and Prelims perspective

Supreme Court of India

Supreme court of india The Supreme Court of India is the final court of appeal and the highest court in the judicial hierarchy in India. Supreme Court of India also has the power of review of the laws made by Constitution of India. Chief Justice of Supreme Court is the head of Supreme Court of … Read more

Hurricane Florence the “Monster” to lash out Carolina Imminent Damage Advancing fast

Hurricane are storms revolving at great speed and very large. They produce speed wind mph of 75 or greater. Hurricane Form over warm waters of ocean. Hurricane brings heavy rain. Hurricane has different name in different region of earth like Typhoon, Cyclone, etc. Hurricane Hurricane Florence with a wind mph of 130 – 140 is approaching … Read more