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Buddhism – Every Question Covered for UPSC & PSC

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Here Posting all important question related to Buddhism (Budhhism Q&A)


Established by Gautam Buddh

Birth – 563 BC (Kapilvastu Lumbini Nepal)

Mother – Mahamaya died on 7th day after giving birth

Father – Suddhodhan (Chief of Shakya Clan)

Upbringing of Gautam Buddh by – Prajapati Gautami

Childhood name of Gautam Buddh – Siddhartha

Married at the age of 16 with – Yashodhara

Name of Son – Rahul

At the age of 29 years Buddha left home (called as Mahavinishkraman)

First Guru – Alara Kalama (He was a Hermit and a Teacher of ancient meditation)

Buddha belonged to which kshatriya Clan – Shakya

What was the 4 sites seen by Buddha –
1. Diseased Man
2. Old man
3. Sanyasi &
4. Dead Man

After 6 years of penance (Tapasya) at the age of 35 on Vaishakh Purnima night near Niranjana (falgu) river under Peepal tree he attained enlightenment.

After enlightenment Siddharth then called as Buddha and that place came to be known as Bodh Gaya.

Buddha gave his first Sermon at Sarnath (Varanasi) to the five monks. It is called as Dhammachakkaparvartana Sutta.

First Lady to accept Buddhism is Gautami.

Buddha gave most sermon (updesh) in Shravasti language.
Gautama Buddha died at the age of 80 years in 483 BC in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh after eating at the home of Chund.

Buddha death is called as Mahaparinirvana

Buddhist Councils:

First Buddhist Council
483 BC
Place- Rajgir
Presided by – Mahakashyap Upali
Under the king – Ajatshatru

Second Buddhist Council
383 BC
Place- Vaishali
Presided by – Sabakami
Under the king – Kalashok

Third Buddhist Council
255 BC
Place- Patliputra
Presided by – Mogaliputtatisa
Under the king – Ashoka

Fourth Buddhist Council
72 AD
Place- Kundalvan (Kashmir)
Presided by – Vasumitra / Ashvaghosh
Under the king – Kanishka (Kushan King)

After 4th Buddhist council Buddhism got divided into Hinayana &

Lord Buddha said that the MIDDLE path is the best path(no extreme required)

Worship place of Buddhism is called as Chaitya

Vikramshila University famous for studies Buddhism studies was established by King Dharmpal

Biggest Buddhist Stupa – Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh) by Ashoka

Buddhas leaving home signified by Horse

Buddhism Sacred Text – Pitak (tokri)

Pitak was written in Pali


1. Sutta Pitak – Teachings of Gautam Buddha

2. Vinay Pitak – Behaviour of Buddhists Monk

3. Abhidhamma Pitak – Philosophical Teachings of Buddhism

Triratna of Buddhism:

1. Buddh (*Buddha means Knowledge)

2. Dhamma

3. Sangh

Signs related to Budhha’s Life

  • Birth – Lotus
  • Leaving of Home (Renunciation) – Horse
  • Knowledge – Peepal (Bodhi Tree)
  • Nirvan – Feet (Footprints)

Dhamma – Teachings

Sangha – Order of Buddhists Monks & Nuns (Upasakas)

Buddhism believed in Re-birth

Most revered festival is Vaishakhi Purnima also known as Buddha Purnima.

(Because on this day Buddha took birth, Enlightened & Died(Mahaparinirman))

•Buddha also known as Light of Asia

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