List of Folk Dances of India | UPSC PSC SSC specific important folk dances of India with pics

Singhi Cham

Folk dances of India Indian Folk dances are simple dance of a region which are performed to express joy & happiness among their community. It is occasion specific, like arrival of monsoon, birth of child, local festivals, wedding & other festivals.Some dance are performed by men or some are women specific dances. Here are a … Read more

Classical Dances of india: everything you need to know about for UPSC, PCS

Classical Dances of India Classical dances (or Shastriya Nritya) of India are performance arts rooted in religious Musical theatre styles in Hindu. The theory & practice are mentioned in the ancient sanskrit text Natya Shastra. Mostly the classical dances of India has its origin in temples. There are Eight classical dances recognized by Sangeet Natak Akademi … Read more