How to clear UPSC Prelims in First attempt | Top 5 Tips to Pass any Exam by Toppers

How to clear UPSC Prelims in First attempt

How to clear prelims of UPSC IAS exam or to qualify for any exam you have to follow a few simple tricks or tips which can lead to success in any exam. These are the methods employed by toppers of any competitive exams or all the exams taken by the government.

So let’s start without any delay about How to clear UPSC prelims in first attempt or clear any exam easily.

How to clear prelims in first attempt

Tip 1 – Read and imagine technique

This is an age-old method employed by great scholars of ancient times and still being employed by Toppers and successful candidates of any exam.

In this method there is a very simple technique. Whenever you read a topic and as soon as you finish it close the book and try to remember in your mind of whatever you just studied in the topic.

This will enhance your brain memory capacity and the thing will remain in your long term memory. It also increases cognitive function of the mind. When you memorize something which you have just studied then that part goes in the permanent memory section of your brain and it helps while recalling facts or concepts in the real exam situation.

This is a time tested mechanism which not only helps you memorize things for a long time but it also increases your IQ level. So try out this method and see the difference.

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Tip 2 – Revise for three times

After reading a topic for the first time the brain gathers many information. And if you try to remember those things after 8 hours on the same day you will find that you hardly remember more than 40% of the content.

Following the above Tip number 1 of Read and imagine technique this percentage goes up to 70%. But you need 100% of the information in the examination hall. For that, revise what you have studied after 8 to 10 hours. This will make the topic remain in your memory for a long period. This was the first revision. The second division should be done 2 days after the first division. Even if you left here the chances of confusion between facts are very less.

But in a world of high competition you need to be 100% sure of every fact you study. For the hundred percent process, revise those topics at least 10 days to two weeks prior to the exam. Also take a break of 2 to 3 minutes after every 35 minutes of studying. This will keep your brain attentive and increases your efficiency.

This will help you immensely in the exam and you will answer every question very confidently and at a good speed. Since there is time boundation in the competitive exams & speed hold utmost priority.

Tip 3 – Do not fear about exam

Often we think too much about our performance in exam. Even after studying the whole syllabus we still think that many topics are still to be studied. Fear of perfection often creeps into our mind.

Thinking that many topics are left unstudied and I haven’t completed the whole syllabus are normal things. It happens with every student including toppers before an exam. So try to throw away this feeling. And even if you are unable to do that, think of it as a good omen before the exam. You will do well if you have studied well and followed the above Tips for Exams.

Tip 4 – Meditate and Relax

Try to develop a habit of meditation in your daily routine. Meditation helps in flushing out toxic elements which may hinder your performance in the exam. It relaxes the brain nerves which will help you a great deal when you try to recall a certain concept or fact. Make meditation a necessary part of your daily routine and you will see the difference.

Tip 5 – Eat Well and wisely

Food plays an important role during your preparation journey. Eating right not only helps the body but also helps the brain to perform its optimum during the High tension exam situation.

Try to cut through the calories, eat less oily foods, no junk food or outside eatery and avoid sugar. These are bad for brain function. You must include fruits and green vegetables, especially palak in your diet. Research shows eating green vegetables and fruits helps the brain to function at its optimum.

These are the few tips which can help your performance go manyfold and help you get sure success in any exam. These tips works for sure & will able to answer your question as How to clear prelims in first attempt. These Golden Tips of study will help you in your exam as it helped numerous students and almost all the toppers of any exam. 

Do well & All the best, Thank you.