Insights Into The Life Of An Indian Police Services Officer – Life Less Ordinary

Insights Into The Life Of An Indian Police Services Officer – Life Less Ordinary

We see and read about men and women with disciplined demeanours, wearing a khaki uniform with stars, swords, and Ashoka sticks on the shoulders securing the strength of the state and union territories. From protecting the borders, curbing crime in the country to fighting against a disaster all are administered by an IPS officer. An IPS officer empowers the police forces of the states and union territories. With heavy responsibilities comes privileges too. We see the handsome salary, lifelong pension and retirement advantages, free housing, conveyance, a lineup of safety guards and house attendants around. But is that all about the life of an IPS officer?

Just by looking at the power and privilege, we assume that the life of an IPS officer is extremely leveled out and untroubled. However, what we see is not always the entire truth. Through this article, we are going to take some insights into an IPS officer’s life. The article will be both interesting and instructive. Therefore, make sure you read the article well.

Before we begin to read about the life of an IPS officer, learn about the IPS eligibility criteria set by the Union Public Services Commission for selecting an officer who realizes the need of the duty and has the aptitude for it.

The Life Of An Officer In The Indian Police Services

From the points mentioned below, you will understand the responsibilities and difficulties in the life of an IPS officer. Go through the points thoroughly and understand the work that goes into operating as an officer in the Indian police services which is one of a kind service that involves direct involvement with the public of the land.

  • The life of the officers in the Indian Police Services never agrees for anything less adventurous. Each day brings something unique to deal with, a challenge that cannot be afforded to lose.
  • In short, there is never a monotonous day in the life of a person when in the services.
  • There’s never a set timetable for an IPS officeholder. Sometimes the day starts before the sun rises and ends with the sunrise of the following day. Gradually their attitude gets adapted to the unruly timings and uncertainties of work and they accept the assignment as it is.
  • Since they are the first responders in any case of crime, accidents, disasters or any crisis the obligation can call them anytime.
  • Sometimes they come to the rescue to guard lives and sometimes to grab the wrongdoers red-handed.
  • The challenges faced by officers in maintaining the law and order in any land is a heavy set of burdens.
  • It is a tough row to hoe, with uncertain assignments and transfers from one territory to the other that not only concerns the life of an officer but also the family if any.
  • The transfer that happens according to the demand of the position is difficult for them as it requires them to start working sometimes in an unknown environment that has its challenges.
  • The challenges faced by an IPS officer occasionally comes as a danger to their life by people who’s intentions are not in the acceptance of law and order.
  • Not just the unpredictable happenings that make the life of an officer complicated but also there have been circumstances wherein the officers suffered inappropriate actions against them when they simply stretched to establish rule and order amongst people.

Furthermore, now let’s start learning about the IPS training details and realize what it takes to create the dynamism of an IPS officer.