Vande Bharat Express Train Facts – Recent Update

Vande Bharat Express Train Facts

The Vande Bharat Express, also known as the Train 18, is a semi-high-speed, electric multiple unit train operated by Indian Railways. It was designed and manufactured by the government owned Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.
First service: 15 February 2019; 3 years ago
Average length: 384 metres (1,260 ft) (16 coaches)

Vande Bharat Express Train Facts Recent News

Below are some Facts about Vande Bharat Express trains. From 1st Train to recent 8th.

1st Train Delhi to Varanasi
2nd TrainDelhi to Katra (Jammu Kashmir)
3rd TrainGandhinagar to Mumbai
4th TrainUna (Himachal Pradesh) to New Delhi
5th TrainChennai to Mysore
6th TrainBilaspur to Nagpur
7th TrainHowrah to New Jalpaiguri
8th TrainSecunderabad to Vishakhapatnam