Chandrayaan 2 Lunar Mission – Important facts for Exam

CHANDRAYAAN 2  lunar mission for moon

Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission moon

Chandrayaan 2 is India’s second lunar exploration mission or space mission to moon after the first Chandrayaan 1.

Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO has developed Chandrayaan 2 space craft.

significance of the Chandrayaan 2  lunar mission

If the current mission two moon i.e., Chandrayaan 2 get successful then India will be recognised only the fourth country to Land a Rover on the moon.

The other three countries which landed a rover on the moon are USA, Russia, China.

Also India will be the only country or first country to land on the Southern pole of the Moon.

Landing on the Southern pole of the Moon, India will get the opportunity to name that part of the Moon.

It is a pure indigenous mission with 13 instruments from India and only one from US space agency NASA.

Future space exploration mission will get expanded after this lunar exploration, as moon provides project test-bed for future space exploration.

what are the objectives

To explore the possibility of water on moon’s surface.

To Map its topography, to explore chemicals and minerals eg; magnesium,iron & helium.

To study the upper or top part of the moons atmosphere.

GSLV MK III ( geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle mark III) is the launching vehicle which carries the Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft which weighs 3290 kg.

The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III, which is also referred to as the Launch Vehicle Mark 3 is a three-stage medium-lift launch vehicle.

The GSLV Mark III is developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

The Chandrayaan 2 spacecraft will carry a orbiter, a rover & a lander to the moon.

The Orbiter will reach moon in more than a month time.Expected date is September 7 2019.

CHANDRAYAAN 2  lunar mission moon

Chandrayaan- 2 spacecraft with a mass of 3.8 tonne, will have 3 modules:

  • Orbitor ,
  • Lander (named Vikram) &
  • Rover ( Pragyan)

Chandrayaan 2 rover name is Pragyan & Lander name is Vikram (after the great scientist Vikram Sarabhai who is regarded as the father of the Indian space programme)

Some tweets that followed the Chandrayaan 2 lunar mission (to moon) are :



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