Measures You can take to be safe from Corona Virus in US

US (United States) has more number of Corona Virus Patient than any Country

Corona Virus in US

As reported on 27th March, Corona Virus in US has reached a new high. It has now an estimated number of 85,700 cases.

It is more than the number of what China had which stands 81,655 cases. This staggering number is still gaining as many labs in US are still trying to catch up with backlog results.

So the situation is grim. Doctors and health workers are doing day & night duty to treat with those infected.

The number of US has even surpassed another severely affected European country. Italy which stands on 80,400 cases. The grim milestone which is something to not boast of has been achieved in a single day. And around 246 new deaths has been reported so far.

Makeshift funeral home are created using tents ans refrigerated trucks at the New York Bellevue Hospital Center.

The pathetic condition of patients has left Nurses and healthcare staffs in tears as they feel helpless to the person suffering.

Some said in Tears that the condition don’t seems to improve and we are horrified for what is yet to come.

What You can do to be safe from Corona Virus in US ?

Follow some simple tips to avoid it completely. These measures are an insurance to good health. It will help achieve you immunity so that you do not catch this disease.

a. Build Immunity – If you have good immune system then it will least affect you.
For that you should have regular intake of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C foods are :
1. Tomatoes
2. Citrus Fruits like Blueberry
3. Lemon

Corona Virus in USImage by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Blueberry is very rich in Vitamin C and it acts as a shield to fight infection

b. Drink lukewarm water and hot beverages. As a study in Japan suggested that those consuming hot beverages got better immunity against the virus.

c. Wash your hands 2 to 3 times at home (even if you don’t go out of home).

d. Carry Alcohol based Sanitizer and don’t go out without a mask

e. Stay away from people who is about to sneeze or sneezing in busy public areas. A distance of 3 Feet (or 1 meter) is ideal from those people

f. Do not consume meat or poultry.

g. If anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness like sneezing, coughing then avoid contact from them completely.

If you follow these guidelines, there is nil chances that you will be affected from the Covid-19 i.e., Corona Virus Disease  and in US it should be practiced very seriously.  

Wish you all a happy life free from this Virus and any other disease


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