Important Current Affairs of January 15 & 16, 2019 taken from The Hindu newspaper & PIB.

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Crocodile Census

Current Affairs January 15 & 16

Recently a Crocodile Census has been conducted in the state of Odisha. It showed that there is a rise of saltwater crocodiles in Bhitarkanika National Park, Odisha.

Crocodiles fall in the category of reptiles.

Types of Crocodiles

There are three species of the crocodiles:

  1. Saltwater,
  2. Gharial &
  3.  Mugger

Odisha is having distinction for existence of all the three species of crocodiles.

Saltwater Crocodile

Largest of all living crocodiles and all living reptiles.

It is found throughout the east coast of the country, India.


  • Gharial is listed as a Critically Endangered by IUCN.
  • Gharial is a fish eating reptile.
  • Gharial is native to the Indian subcontinent.


  • Mugger Crocodile is mainly a freshwater species, and found in flowing rivers, lakes and marshes.
  • Mugger Crocodile is listed as vulnerable by IUCN.
  • Mugger called as Indian crocodile, or marsh crocodile, is found throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Gharial and Saltwater crocodile conservation programme was first implemented in Odisha.

Current Affairs January 15 & 16
pic credit: flickr                                               Marsh

Note: Marsh is found at the edges of lakes and streams which if often populated by herbaceous plant species, grasses and not woody plants. Marshes are the transition between the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Current Affairs January 15 & 16

One Family One Job

One Family One Job Scheme launched in Sikkim. The scheme was launched on 12th January by Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling in Gangtok.

Main Points

  1. One member of a family will get the Government job if none of the member of that family has a government job.
  2. This scheme also covers the waving off of the loan given in the farming sector.
  3. Also over 25,000 unregularised government employees would also be regularised within 2019 according to their seniority.

Current Affairs January 15 & 16


Chennai Traffic police has included a robot for traffic management in the city.

Current Affairs January 15 & 16

The robot is named as ROADEO.

The robot will help traffic police in traffic management and assist pedestrians on the roads of Chennai.

The Robot ROADEO will be controlled by a Bluetooth application.

ROADEO the robot is developed by schoolchildren of a private robotics lab in Chennai.

Now Chennai becomes the second city after Mumbai to deploy robots in traffic management.

Current Affairs January 15 & 16

India biggest startup inaugurated in Kerala

On 13th January, India’s biggest startup Kerala startup mission (KSUM) has been inaugrated in Kerala.

Under Kerala startup mission (KSUM), it will have startup and incubation space of 5 lakh sq ft, which is largest in the world.

The Integrated Startup Complex which is under the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) will include:

  1. Ultra-modern facilities of Maker Village that promote hardware startups.
  2. BioNest– It will promote medical technologies.
  3. BRINCCountry’s first international accelerator for hardware startups.
  4. BRIC – It will aid in developing solutions for cancer diagnosis and care &
  5. UNITY – A Centre of Excellence set up by industry majors.

Current Affairs January 15 & 16

Prime Minister Narendra Modi got Philip Kotler Presidential award

On 14th January 2019,Prime Minister Narendra Modi recieved the inaugral Philip Kotler Presidential award. PM Narendra Modi has been selected for his leadership for the nation.

Philip Kotler Presidential award focuses on People, Profit & Planet.

Prof.Philip Kotler congratulate PM Narendra Modi for being conferred the first ever Philip Kotler Presidential Award.

Prof.Philip Kotler is a world renowned Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University, Kellog School of Management.




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