Current Affairs Daily Quiz 2018

Following Questions will help you guys in your preparation towards IAS Prelims, CAPF and CDS Exam. Try to grasp the Concept behind every questions.
Answers are at the end of the page. Please try to solve by yourself first before scrolling down.

current affairs quiz


Q.1. If you place a cup of hot tea on a wooden table in a room; the cup of tea will lose heat by

  1. Radiation
  2. Evaporation
  3. Conduction
  4. Convection

Pick the correct one/s:
(a) 1 & 2
(b) 1, 2 & 4
(c)  None
(d)  3 Only


Q.2. Consider the following statement about the Planet Mars:

  1. Mars is last of terrestrial planet from Sun.
  2. Named after Roman God of War
  3. Second smallest planet in the Solar System
  4. Compared to Earth, Mars is approximately half the diameter of Earth.

Pick the correct ones:
(a) 1 & 2
(b)  Only 2
(c)  All
(d)  2 & 3

Q.3.  Which of the following services will attract GST :

  1. Court/Tribunal Services including District Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
  2. Services by an employee to the employer in relation to his employment.
  3. On funeral services for any religion.
  4. Petroleum products & Alcohol.

Ans  (a) 1, 3
(b)  All
(c) 2 Only
(d)  None

Q.4. Consider the statements about Hepatitis and pick correct ones:

  1. World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year on July 28 as a public health campaigns by WHO
  2. Theme for 2018 is Test. Treat. Hepatitis
  3. Theme for 2017 was Eliminate Hepatities
  4. There are five main types of viral hepatitis: type A, B, C, D, and E.

Ans: (a)  All
(b)  None
(c)  1 & 4
(d) only 4

Q.5. West Bengal Assembly passes resolution to rename West bengal to Bangla. Consider the following statements in relation to this:

  1. Using article 3 of Constitution, Parliament got the power to change the name of state even if such proposal does not come from the concerned state.
  2. Schedule I of the Constitution has the list of all the states and union territories.
  3. After passing the resolution, it is sent to Union Home Ministry
  4. Amendment of Schedule I of the constitution is done for changing the name.

Pick the wrong ones:
Ans (a) 1 & 4
(b)  2, 3, 4
(c)  None
(d) 2, 4

Q.1.  Ans: (b)
If the table is made up of metal then Conduction would also have applied. Materials like cloth, wood etc not good conductors but metal is a good conductor.

Q.2. Ans: (c) All Correct


Q.3. Ans: (d)

Explanation: None of the above will attract GST. Including above other items which are not covered in GST are

  1. sale of building & Sale of land but when a new building is constructed that will be subject to GST
  2. When a member of parliament , State legislature,Municipalities, panchayats & other local authorities performs their duties.Chairperson/Director/Member of government established local body & who is not a employee of the same.
  3. Claims which can be enforced only by a legal action or a suit.
  4. Sanitary pads also got exempted from GST which is  recently in NEWS.

Q.4.Ans: (a) All

Explanation: World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every year on July 28 around the world which is one of the 8 official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Others are
World Health Day,
World Blood Donor Day,
World Immunization Week,
World Tuberculosis Day,
World No Tobacco Day,
World Malaria Day and
World AIDS Day

Contaminated food and water are the main sources through which Hepatitis A and E are mainly spread ,

Hepatitis B is mainly sexually transmitted,

Hepatitis B and C are commonly spread through infected blood such as may occur during needle sharing by intravenous drug users

Hepatitis D can only infect people already infected with hepatitis B.

Q.5 Ans: (c) None
When the fresh proposal comes to the Union Home ministry from state assembly for name change of state, it will prepare a note for the Union cabinet for an amendment to Schedule I of the constitution. Thereafter, a Constitution Amendment Bill will be introduced in Parliament, which has to approve it with a simple majority, before the President gives his assent to it.

The proposal  by state assembly to change the name of state sent to the Union Home Ministry can be turned down by Union Home Ministry if it is not satisfied.
Also, Parliament has the power to change the name of a state on its own by passing a bill in the parliament Without the Proposal of the state.

And if parliament wants to change itself the name of any state (using Article 3) by introducing a bill, then prior recommendation of the president is needed to introduce such bill in the parliament. Before making such recommendation President sends that bill to concerned state to reply in a stipulated time.
But state’s view doesn’t matter in this. And once passed in parliament the name of state gets changed.

Finally, the crux is Parliament can make changes in area, boundaries, territory, name of states even if such proposal does not come from the concerned state by using the Article 3 of the constitution.

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